Viddyoze Review

Viddyoze Review

Welcome to my Viddyoze Review to find out how you can use this cloud based software to quickly and easily make stunning video animations 

In this Viddyoze Review, I will include:

  • Introduction
  • Viddyoze Review including a demo
  • Pricing
  • Bonuses


There is no doubt that videos are an important part of content marketing.

Just think, your first memory of your favourite TV show is probably the intro music.

Why do you think these shows have these?

Yes, to build their brand.

So, while you might have a logo, if you are trying to build a brand, you need to thinking about adding things like an intro and other forms of animation to encourage customer engagement.

Branding is important for all the reasons you probably know, but mainly to build loyalty and effectively increase sales.

Viddyoze Review including a demo

Viddyoze is a cloud based software which provides a series of templates that you can use and customise to create cool looking videos.

Viddyoze has been around for over 5 years. 140,00+ paid customers are already using it.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

It is really simple to use. You simply:

  • Chose a template
  • Customise
  • Create your video

I love that you can just hover over the animation to get a quick preview of it.

Viddyoze has templates for:

  • featured
  • alpha
  • background
  • extended
  • intro
  • live action
  • logo
  • outro
  • overlay
  • social
  • title
  • transition

Here are just some of the many templates.


  1. Alpha 

These have a transparent background over them. So, when you export it, you can overlay it over other videos.


Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

These templates are fully customisable.

You can:

  • change colour of any font – including using Hex codes
  • chose from a selection of audios [This is a new feature]
  • chose the orientation: portrait, landscape and square [This is a new feature]
  • preview your creation – though only a still frame
  • download in MOV or animated GIF

You cannot:

  • change the font type with all templates. In a number of the templates there is font customisation [This is a new feature]
  • chose the option not to have music with all templates

The finish videos are of great quality. Though it did take about 6 mins to render. You can, however, amend other templates whilst you wait for it to render.

2. Title Animation 

You can customise it the same way I described above for the Alpha.

Though, you can download the created videos as an MP4 or GIF and it renders faster than the Alpha.

The quality is great also.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

3. Logos

You can pick from a selection of images directly from inside the app (including from Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash) or upload your own.

It takes about 3 mins to render. Once ready, you can download in MP4 or animated GIF.

Tried to capture a pic of the final product. Trust me it looks better as video so check out the demo video.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

4. Live Action

This is probably my favourite feature. It makes use of motion tracking technology.

You select images (stock images are included), change the colour and chose the audio. I have noticed with some templates, there is not the option to change the audio.

Also, you cannot change the size of the image.

It renders in about 2 minutes and you can download it in MP4 or animated GIF.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

5. What else is new with Viddyoze

Some other noteworthy features I think i should mention:

  • 1 – click background removal for images in Viddyoze
  • Cropping tool – images can be cropped before inserting them into the Viddyoze template
  • Upload and store images in your account

Prices and Upsells


PersonalCommercialVideo Template ClubViddyoze Agency
Price$47$67$37 per month$297 (will increase to $997) per month
No. Templates1702301,500 + (20+ additional per month)1,500 + (15+ additional per month)
  • on your own project. No resell
  • 30 video creations per month
  • use on your own projects
  • licence to resell animations
  • create unlimited videos
  • 2 high quality training (YouTube Accelerator & Reverse Sales Method)
  • access to additional audio tracks
  • access to private media library
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF which lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into your emails and websites.
  • white label the Viddyoze platform to your brand.
  • add 10 sub users
  • resell seat to client
  • watermark animation
  • render 10 videos at the same time
  • 5 additional audio tracks per animation
  • access private media library
  • create unlimited videos
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF feature which lets you render animations in GIF format to embed in emails and websites
  • Access to Viddyoze University (all previously released training products & tutorials)
  • Access to Viddyoze Reloaded – gives you even more variety choice with your animations


I have some really sweet bonuses for you. Click the link below to find out what they are!


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