5 Side Hustles Ideas for 2021

I will be talking about 5 side hustles ideas for 2021 that take little or no money to start up that you can start today. Multiple streams of income is a must in 2021. There is no such thing as job security any more. What I love about the internet is there are so many … Read more

How To Use Pretty Links in WordPress

In this quick blog I will show you how to use Pretty Links in WordPress. Pretty Links allows you to create custom links on your website that redirects to other links.   So, if you are an affiliate, you could use Pretty Links to create custom links to use instead of your actual affiliate link. … Read more

5 Ways To Make An Income Online

Here are my favourite 5 ways to make an income online. These 5 ways to make an income online have the following qualities: Newbie friendly easy and cheap to set up Come with details of how to set up enable you to make an income online 1. Earn an Income on Amazon With Unfair Advantage … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

You can easily get lured into affiliate marketing on the back of the promise to earn easy money for hardly any work. I took the bate and was soon given a reality check. Affiliate marketing does work, but to make money doing it, you need to treat it like a business. What is Affiliate Marketing?  … Read more