My Online Startup Review

Welcome to My Online Startup Review to find out how to use this free course to start an online business plus earn 50+ income streams when you upgrade to partner. 



Welcome to My Online Startup review. It was created by Chuck Nguyen who has successfully set up a 6-figure online business.

What I like about this course – apart from that it is free, well for now – is that you get a real overview of what it takes to set up online.  Then you are shown an actual income generating system that you can follow.

My real problem when I started out was that I understood bits and bobs, but could understand how it all fitted together. 

Using this course I could draw an outline of what I needed to do and hone in on a few areas.

I have used Chuck’s course to make money online doing affiliate marketing. Check out my article on affiliate marketing for an overview. 

For those who do not know,  as an affiliate marketer, you act as the middleman. You connect customers with products in exchange for a commission.

If you want to access Chuck’s free course then click here.

My Online Startup Review
My Online Startup Review

Course Overview 

In a nutshell My Online Startup covers:

  • Mindset
  • Finding a niche 
  • Funnel creation 
  • Lead generation and email marketing
  • Traffic sources
  • Toolkit 

How I Use My Online Startup

I use My Online Startup in a few ways.

  1. Learning and implemented the training

The course is comprehensive. As i already mentioned, it can be used to get anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing up and running fast.

Click here to access the free course. This will course will be free for a limited time only.

    2. Lead magnet

My Online Startup is currently Free. It won’t be in about a month’s time. 

It works as a great lead magnet. I have used it to build my email list pretty fast.

I use this course as a lead magnet on places like Facebook and MyLeadGen Secret.

When the course stops being free, I still think it would be a great lead magnet. 

    3. Partner programme

I think Chuck has intentionally jam packed the course with so much value to encourage people to join his partner programme. 


When you become a partner you earn:

  • Commission for each referral
  • 50+ income streams, as people sign up for the free course, apply what they learned and use the recommended tools and services


Also, when you sign up as a partner you get my exclusive bonuses worth $3,000. 

I am on Facebook and always super happy to have a chat.

Let’s kill in 2021 and beyond.

Click here to upgrade to My Online Startup partner programme Plus grab your bonuses.

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