IFTTT Tutorial – Use IFTTT to Automate Tasks

In this IFTTT tutorial I will show you how to use IFTTT to automate tasks


This IFTTT tutorial will cover:

  • What is IFTTT?
  • How to create an applet on IFTTT
  • Free vs Pro IFTTT 
  • 5 incredibly useful IFTTT applets for online marketers

What is IFTTT

IFTTT stands for If This Then That.

It is a FREE web service. Though it does have a paid version.

With IFTTT you can create applets which combines two services using a trigger and action. So when something changes in one service, it will trigger an action in another.

So, for example, you can create an applet so that you can automatically tweet whatever you post on Facebook!

It is great if you are an online marketer because IFTTT can help with repetitive tasks and help distribute content across various platforms quickly and easily. 

Let’s kick off.

Creating an applet on IFTTT

These applets can be created in minutes.

I set up an automated process in 1 of 2 ways.

If you don’t have an account already then sign up.

Way 1: Browse and Explore on IFTTT

You can browse and explore recommendations.

  • Click Explore on the top righthand side.
  • Scroll to browse recommendations or enter a name of a service into the  search box.
  • Once you have selected an appellate to create, connect your IFTTT to the relevant service accounts.

There are millions to chose from. 

IFTTT Tutorial
IFTTT Tutorial

Way 2: Customise on IFTTT

Don’t like the recommendations? You can create your own applets.

  • Click on Create on the top righthand side
  • Enter the name of the first service
  • Decide what the relevant trigger should be
  • Then select the second service and the action
  • Connect IFTTT to the relevant service
IFTTT to automate tasks
IFTTT to automate tasks

Free Account vs Pro IFTTT Account

Note that currently with the Free account you can create 3 applets. 

With the pro account for $3.99/ month you get:

  • Unlimited applet creation
  • Multi-step applets with queries, conditional logic and multiple actions
  • Faster execution for all applets
  • Customer support
IFTTT Tutorial
IFTTT Tutorial

5 Incredibly Useful IFTTT Applets for Online Marketers

As an online marketer, you want to get your content in front of people who have shown an interest in your brand. With IFTTT you can do this quickly and easily.

Hopefully, these will provide you with inspiration to come up with other useful combinations.

  1. Publish your WordPress blog posts to your Facebook page.
  2. Tweet a link to your WordPress.
  3. Create a YouTube to WordPress applet. So once you publish a video on YouTube you automatically create a new blog posts on WordPress. Similar applets can be created for YouTube to Tumblr.
  4. Pin your WordPress post to a Pinterest board. This will automatically publish a link, picture and title to a Pinterest board.
  5. Sync you new instagrams to a Pinterest board – note that this only works with single photo posts.

You can easily go to places like Fiver.com and find a freelancer to put together some real effective applets.


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