How to create TIMELESS blog posts

People are simply time snobs.

remove date from blog

When they check out a piece of content, their eyes automatically dart to the date of creation. They then randomly chuck out anything past a random ‘use by date’!

In the affiliate marketing space a lot of the key concepts are timeless.

Judge content by the quality of its points and not by the date of it creation!!

Well, people are JUST not going to do that. So, your hands are tied. You kinda have to remove the date from each of blog post.

It is super easy to do.



To CREATE a timeless blog, you simply need to…

1. Install a 100% FREE WordPress Plugin called WP Meta and Date Remover.

2. Activate plugin.

3. Choose whether to hide from backend or frontend or both – just select both

4. Save settings

5. and you’re done!

It’s super easy and quick to create a timeless blog post. It will literally only take you a few minutes. An absolute must to do if you haven’t already done so.

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