How To Create A Link To WhatsApp

WhatsApp Is a Great Tool for businesses 

By creating a WhatsApp link for circulations to customers you become more accessible to customers to provide support.

WhatsApp is a very powerful communication tool for businesses.

Have you noticed that businesses are always so keen to get you to book a call?

Well, you can easily market a product or service and follow-up with unresponsive customers over the phone(via calls or messages).

You can set this up in under 5 mins using this free method.

Create A Link To WhatsApp
Create A Link To WhatsApp

Steps to Create a Link to WhatsApp

  1. Go to
  2. Type your WhatsApp number (remember to check your country code)
  3. Type a custom message (see examples below)
  4. Preview it
  5. Generate your link
Create A Link To WhatsApp
Create A Link To WhatsApp

WhatsApp Custom Messages 

If you do decide to communicate with customers via WhatsApp, then here is a list of messages that you can use.

Automated message for booking a call

Hi [name], [your name] from [business name]! Thanks for contacting us to book a call. We will respond to your message within 24 hours with a list of available slots. If you have any questions in the meantime, then feel free to send us a message.

Account Updates

Hi [name], thanks for registering as a customer! It looks like the emails address that you provided is incorrect. Please provide the correct details. Thanks so much.

Update on an order

Hi [name]. Thanks for ordering [product/ service]. Use the following link to access your order. If you have any questions then give us a shout. We are always happy to help! Take care.

Appointment schedule 

Hi [name] you have an appointment scheduled for [detail of event] on [date] at [time]. We look forward to seeing you then. Give us a shout if you have questions in the meantime.

Webinar registration

Thanks for registering for [name of webinar]. It is scheduled for [date] at [time]. Arrive 15 mins earlier to avoid losing your place.

Promotional offer

Hi [name], its [your name] from [business name]. We have a tempting offer extra offer for [details of the offer]. Be quick though – it expires on [date]. Click the below link for more.

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