How To Add 100 New Email Subscribers in 30 days With 100% FREE Method


If you are struggling to grow your email list I have something juicy for you.

I know it can be pretty tough starting out. But I have got you covered.

Don’t worry, I use a 100% FREE traffic method to drive subscribers to my lead magnet. 

A lead magnet is an incentive offered in exchange for a person’s email, by the way.

Using this method, I managed to grow my list by 100 subscribers in less than 1 month!




Don’t be the annoying trickster desparado….

Email Marketing

I get spammed loads, especially on Facebook with links to squeeze pages. In most cases, the link is buried amongst some generic text. And, as soon as I get a whiff of what the person is up to, I am like err nah!

You kinda want the person to be excited about opt-in in and NOT tricked.

I have ploughed through tonnes of lead magnets and tested countless strategies to figure out what works.





So how do you get someone excited about opt-in in…?

email marketing

Well the secret is a great lead magnet, AND, more importantly, all the frilly bits which gets the person drooling to opt-in.

There are tonnes of places to find cool lead magnets. You can even create one yourself.

One of my best lead magnet grants subscribers FREE access to a members area which take a subscriber step by step to setting up an online business. Take a peak at it if you like. If you like it, then use it. 

On to the FREE traffic method. Drum roll please…It is Facebook. I find that people use Facebook all wrong.

Here is a quick video to show you how.



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