Glide review

Welcome to my Glide review to find out how to increase the speed, security and ranking of your website using the Glide WordPress plugin and/or set up an SEO business making a commission of $1k per day.

Glide Review
Glide Review


In this Glide review I will show you how you could improve the ranking, speed and security of your website and/or start a business providing these services to customers. As I will explain below, speed is important to improve the ranking of your site and without proper security in place your personal and customer information could be compromised and your website could be put out of action.

People are making anywhere up to about $150 per gig on places like Fiverr to improve the speed and security of people’s websites. So, using a software like Glide could enable you to start an online SEO business. I do think $1k per month (as opposed to per day) is more plausible given the price range on Fiverr especially for newbies.

Glide Review
Glide Review


If you want to rank well on Google you need to make sure that your site is really fast – on desktop and mobile. A slow page speed makes it harder for search engines to crawl your site and this negatively affects your indexation. Also, no one likes going onto a site and waiting forever for it to load. In fact, pages with a slow load time have a higher bounce rates and people spend a low average time on the page. That is no good for anyone trying to sell a product or services online.

Interested in finding out fast your site is? Click here now to find out.

Glide Review
Glide Review

It took me months of research to improve the speed of my website. Want to find out how, then check the bonuses below.

I had a quick look on Fiverr and you can make anywhere up to $150 per gig improving the speed of a customers’ website so the vendors claim of being able to make $1k per day definitely sounds plausible for a person with experience. Someone without experience should aim for $1k per month.


According to Security Magazine there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds on a person’s website. When my first website was attacked I never really managed to recover the website. It was my fault really as even a child could have guessed my login username and password. Getting security right from the outset is super important. With Glide you are given 5-way protection against hackers, malware and infected files. In my bonus below I will show you what security plugin I am using to protect my website.

The vendors have managed to achieve good success in terms of ranking and income from Glide.

Glide Review
Glide Review


It is pretty easy to set up:

  • Install the WordPress plugin.
  • The software will automatically SEO-optimize your website for number 1 rankings, improve site speed by 300% and install a 5-layer security system that protects against hackers, malware and infected files.
  • Set up Fiverr and/or Upwork account to start selling your services.

I tested the WordPress plugin on one of my websites and saw a huge improvement in the site’s speed. I literally just installed the plugin and made no adjustments to the settings.

Glide Review
Glide Review




  • Site Speed – find out how I was able to increase the speed of my site improving my rankings and overall SEO performance. It will include top trips and tricks I have learnt some of the best SEO experts.
  • Product Review – Since you will have fast high performing website which will rank well, find out how to sell products from your site to make huge commissions.
  • Niche Finder – once you become a master of SEO I think a cool next step is to find a niche and learn to sell products/ services in that niche. Find out how to find the most profitable niche here.



Front End – Commercial license to sell security, SEO ranking  and speed optimisation services which comes with the Glide WordPress plugin – $16.93

OTO1 – Front End + Commercial license to sell backups with the Glide WordPress plugin + unique content + step by step training – $36

OTO2 – Resellers/agency rights – $46


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