Epic Trading Review

Epic Trading Review
Epic Trading Review

Epic Trading Review

Check out my Epic Trading Review to see how you can learn to trade forex, take forex signals and/or earn a recurring commission of $500+ per month.

In my Epic Trading review I will be covering 4 sections:

  • Section 1: The Team
  • Section 2: Trading Education
  • Section 3: Forex Signals
  • Section 4: Referral Commissions + Marketing Tools

I joined Epic Trading on 1 Sep 2020 (during its pre-launch) so I could vet the product and provide a detailed review.

There has been a huge buzz about Epic Trading.I recommend that you read this Epic Trading review until the end!



EPIC stands for Exceptional People Incredible Compensation.

Epic Trading provides the opportunity for people to learn how to trade forex. Epic Trading launched on 1 Oct 2020. On launch day Epic Trading smashed its goals and more than 50,000 people were signed up by launch day.

EPIC Trading offers two ways of making money, from:

  • Lucrative compensation plan
  • Forex Trading

The team behind Epic Trading has more than 100 years of experience of successful business and MLM.  The traders providing the trading signals and the education at EPIC University are all 6, 7 and 8 figure traders.

Epic Trading Review
Epic Trading Review


For those who don’t know what forex is, it is the buying and selling of currencies. If you have ever travelled you are likely to have participated in the forex market when you exchanged one currency for another. It is a $6trillion a day market. Forex trading is a recession proof skill which can be learned by anyone no matter ones age, sex or educational background.

Inside the members area of Epic Trading you can access Epic University. Members are provided with a detailed 2 weeks syllabus and video trading material. The aim is to get students trading in 2 weeks (upon completion of the syllabus).

There are 3 live trading sessions a day hosted by Epic Trading’s 6, 7 and 8 figure traders to enable students to reinforce concepts and techniques learnt. The studying and support doesn’t stop there. Coach Max herself alongside other Epic Trading traders host Study Hall to provide additional support to new traders and provide weekly market forecasts to help guide weekly trading.

Members are able to earn as they learn by taking Epic Trading traders’s daily signals (more on this below) and are supported by a vibrant community of traders via Epic Trading’s Telegram groups.

Finally, members have access to Epic Trading’s custom indicators including Coach Max’s “20 pip and dip’ indicator.

Epic Trading Review
Epic Trading Review


Members benefits from daily forex signals from Epic Tradings 6, 7 and 8 figure traders. If a member who signed up during the pre-launch took the traders signals on 19-25 Sep 2020 he would have bagged a whopping 20,968 + pips of profit. So with a standard lot size of 1 ($10 per pip) you could have made $209,680.

The traders at Epic Trading aim to give out 100,000+ pips of profit to members by 31 Dec 2020.


Members can earn a commission from referring people to Epic Trading.

Epic Trading works on the power of 3. If you refer 3 people to Epic Trading then your monthly membership of $99.99 is waived! To become an Independent Business Owner you would need to pay $24.99 per month.

You can then work with the 3 people who you referred to help them bring along 3 people and once you have 10 people in your team you’re making $500 per month. You only really need to bring in 3 people because before you know it, the people you brought in have invited others to join. Also, no one can have more than 3 people directly sitting under them, so you can benefit from ‘SPILLAGE’. Check out the diagram below for details of the increased compensation.

Commissions are paid weekly.

Epic Trading Review
Epic Trading Review

Epic Trading provides you with heaps of FREE marketing material and weekly training to get you to the financial position you are looking to reach. Here is just some of the support you will get:

  • Landing pages
  • Telegram bot so you can give away 3 free signals a week to drip value on people
  • Email marketing tools/scripts
  • Text message marketing (at a small cost)
  • Facebook bots that allows people to communicate
  • Recurring webinar
  • Google and Facebook pixels
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Animated marketing videos

My final Epic Trading review is that this product will get you up and running training very quickly and some easy commissions from its referral programme.


This might sound intimidating but don’t worry, when you join my team you will get the following additional support (and more):

  • Marketing funnel which includes email swipes, videos and  facebook posts which may 10X your ability to promote the product and earn a commission – LIMITED TIME ONLY
  • 1 hour strategy call to help with set up and promotion – LIMITED TIME ONLY 
  • Frequent Zoom calls
  • Facebook Group access
  • Accountability Group
  • 1 hour strategy call

Click HERE To Join Epic Trading PLUS All The Bonuses Above That Make Joining More Complete!

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