Drive Traffic & Make Sales Using Secret YouTube Traffic System

It isn’t a shocking revelation that YouTube is awesome for marketers.

It’s a brilliant way to brand yourself, build authority in your chosen niche and get FREE traffic.

The problem is, every man and his dog are making videos these days.

This means, competition is fierce and if you don’t know what you are doing your video will end up buried on page 3.

Well, how do you get round this I hear you ask!

YouTube Ranking Secret To The Rescue…

And before you ask, it is not all that fluffy stuff about title, description and tags.

Now, these are important so let’s just quickly cover it.

First, you need to do some keyword research. An awesome FREE tool to do this is rapidtags.

Once you have some keywords, make sure you stick them into your title, description and tags.

Want some more in-depth training on keyword research then check out a post that i created for my email list here.

On To The More Important YouTube Ranking Tip

Now that I have covered the boring simple stuff that everyone advises, let’s get onto the juicy stuff.

I stumbled on this method in a really old video that I dug up on Youtube.

Was over the moon when I tried it and it actually worked.

And I have tried it more than a few times.

Check out a step by step of the process here.

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