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Special Backlink With Super Powers!

I can give you 3 reasons why this backlink is so amazing.

First, the backlink is from a high authority site. I am talking Moz domain authority of 99.

Secondly, it is a dofollow backlink. This means that the backlink passes a lot of the authority back to your site.

Finally, the backlink is completely FREE. So no pricey backlink tools for you.

Let’s kick off with how you build your DA99 backlink for FREE.


How To Build A Dofollow Backlink Without Paying For It

Setting up a Blogger account is super easy to create.

Don’t just stick your link in a blog post. You’ll just end up with a completely worthless backlink.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up a blogger account – go to and follow the steps to set up a profile!
  2. On your homepage click on “Visit Blog”, “Visit Profile” and then click “Edit Profile”.

3. Now you can put you can put your website URL in the “Homepage URL” box but this won’t have any SEO benefits though it may drive traffic to your website.

4. Scroll down to “Additional Information” and write a little blurb in the “Introduction” box.

5. Don’t just place your URL in the “Introduction” box. Instead use HTML tags to make your website clickable. See below. Make sure you use your own URL and name!

<a href=””>Kafayat Obanigba</a>

6. Then click “Save Profile”.

Now, using the Mozbar Chrome extension, your profile page should be sitting on the Blogger domain itself.

After creating this backlink, you should see your site’s authority go up considerably after a few weeks.

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