How To Create HIGH converting squeeze page in MINUTES

It really isn’t that hard to do.

Before you ask, I won’t be asking you to fork out $97 a month to create one on ClickFunnels.

Chances are if you interested in making money online, then you already have an Autoresponder.

I use GetResponse. You can pick from tonnes of different templates.

For those who don’t know, a landing page aka squeeze page is a one page website.

Before we start, I should tell you about some basic info to include on every squeeze page

The best squeeze pages include:

1. Headline text – make sure this mirrors the wording used on the sales page and any content directing customers to the landing page

2. Call to action button

3. Fields to insert their best email address. Asking for a name might, in many cases, be asking for too much and discourage a potential subscriber from opt-in

4. Legal stuff – privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact and disclaimer. Tweak the ones on my blog.

Here’s how to do it anyways:

Here is a sneak peak at the squeeze page that is getting me HUGE conversions. 

Prefer to read the written version on how to create a squeeze page, then keep scrolling.

How to create a squeeze page on GetResponse

It is super easy to do and should take you no more than 10 minutes. 

Here’s how to do it…

Start by login in to your GetResponse. Next, click on “create landing page”. Then, select a template – I am a real sucker for the “Free Report” template. 

Now, the magic really begins as we are going to customise the landing page. Trust me, this makes all the difference to your conversions. 

If you have an offer you are promoting then you are gonna want your squeeze page to look as similar as possible to the offer page.


Make the background the same colour as the offer page.

I use a chrome extension called Color Picker which gives me the exact colour of the offer page.

To change the background:

  • double click on the background
  • under image, delete the image that is there
  • click on solid colour and then select the colour using the hex code


Make sure your headline on the landing page and offer page are similar enough.

They should at least be referring to the same offer.

You don’t want a lead to come along and then get confused along the change as to what they are getting.

Also, make sure the colour of the text is the same and even the font is the same!

This is simple enough to do. Just click on the text and adjust the font accordingly.

Landing Page With GetResponse
Headline on landing page


Landing Page With GetResponse
Headline on the offer page


You can change the colour of the  call to action button to match the colour on the offer page.

Also, insert some text on the button prompting your lead to click it.


I tend just to ask for a name and email address. If you starting asking for other things like a contact number, this might put a person off from submitting their details.


As mentioned above you should include:

Click on each to see an example.

You can sometimes get this from the person/business who has created the offer you are promoting.

These are the types of things that Facebook and Google like to see on landing pages.

These should all be hyperlinked at the bottom. You can do this by highlighting the text at the bottom of the landing page and then clicking on the chain icon.

Landing Page With Get Response

Mobile Friendly

Always check how your landing page looks in mobile form.

Most people will be accessing landing pages via mobile. Also, Google has a real preference from mobile friendly landing pages.

Thank You Page

The thank you page can be customised the same way.

Simply click on the thank you tab to start customising.

If you want to use a different landing page to the one created, then you simply click the next button in the top right.

Under “subscription setting” click on “custom thank-you page” then insert the thank you page URL.

Landing page with getresponse

Connect to list

You need to connect your landing page to a list. This is so that once a lead inputs their details on your landing page, their details are placed on this list.

It is probably best practice for your leads to confirm that they have opted in. Though I do not tend to do this. So I leave “confirmed opt-in” button slid to the right.

I check the box which says “Add in the cycle on day”. This is to ensure that the lead receives the pre-scheduled emails I have created.

Landing page URL

Once you have customised your landing page, click on next in the top righthand corner.

You can use a GetResponse subdomain or assign your own subdomain to be used for the landing page.

GetResponse subdomain

Under “Landing page URL settings”, you can type in a subdomain name and then select from one of 3 GetResponse domains.

Landing page with GetResponse

Your own subdomain

I prefer to assign the landing page to one of my own subdomains. Need help doing this? Leave a comment below and I will show you how. 

Don’t stop there, 10x your profit potential even further

Use your thank you page as a bridge page!

Instead of creating a standard thank you page, create a bridge page.

This is probably the best opportunity to introduce yourself to your new subscribers.

A 2 min long video and a few paragraphs of text will suffice. 

Smart marketers use their bridge page to do the following:

1. Introduce themselves, elevator pitch style.

2. Give them more information about the offer.

3. Tell your subscribers to look at for your email.

Add an offer to your thank you page

100% of people who opt-in, will see your thank you page.

So, stick an offer on your thank you page. Not a random offer. Pick an offer that is complimentary to the offer your subscribers originally opted in for.


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