Clickvio Review

Clickvio Review

Welcome to my Clickvio Review to find out how to improve EMAIL DELIVERABILITY and create HIGH CONVERTING EMAILS using DFY email marketing templates and DFY emails with a email marketing software that BOOSTS your autoresponder

Clickvio Review
Clickvio Review

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This Clickvio Review will cover the following:

  • Introduction
  • Free Webinar on 28 October 2020 @ 10AM EST – find out first hand about Clickvio from its creator Neil Napier and enter a competition to win a free copy of Clickvio and $150
  • Features of Clickvio
  • Pricing and Upsells
  • Bonuses
Clickvio Review
Clickvio Review


Clickvio is the creation of 7-Figure Marketer Neil Napier. I doubt there are many people who know more about email marketing than him. Clickvio helps with all aspects of email marketing from the copywriting and email marketing templates to the deliverability of the emails.

Email marketing is a must for anyone selling products online. Once you have build an email list of buyers you can literally make money on autopilot – well assuming you can write compelling emails. I find email marketing a little difficult because first you have to convince a person to join your list and then you have to compete with the millions of people all competing for your customers’ attention.

To encourage a person to join my email list, I create my own lead magnets or find lead magnets online. Then, to write great emails, I have resorted to joining the mailing list of top marketers to get their email marketing templates which I tweak for my purposes. Yes, long and tedious to do. I have included some of my top lead magnets that I have used to collect hundreds of emails in one of my bonuses.


Neil Napier is hosting a FREE webinar at 10am EST on 28 October 2020. I recommend that you join the webinar, ask questions and learn some of Neil’s secret email marketing strategies. A free copy of Clickvio and $150 is also up for grab. Here is some of the things he will cover:

  • An easy way to create email sequences that converts
  • Methods to fix your current autoresponder that may be hindering your business
  • Ways to prevent your emails from landing in spam
  • Simple changes you can make to increase your profit by 50%
  • A simple email marketing system used by top marketers to make thousands of dollars
  • plus more…

If Neil provides a replay of the webinar I will include it in this blog. Otherwise, I will include a short summary for you.

UPDATE: I attended the live webinar; nothing new to add to the blog based on the webinar. I had exclusive pre-launch access to Clickvio to do this review so it is comprehensive.

Clickvio Review
Clickvio Review


There are multiple factors that will affect whether your emails will inbox into an email service provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) including:

  • the IP address of the sender
  • the sender’s his reputation
  • whether the email is mobile first (i.e., how the emails are rendered)
  • user experience

Check out one of my bonuses which covers 12 ways to improve the deliverability of your emails.

Clickvio use MJML technology which enables users to create mobile first email templates to improve the deliverability of emails and along with the Clickvio widgets (like timers, images, video) improve user experience. The better the user experience is with your emails the more likely it is for the customers to open and click on them which leads to greater sales.  Clickvio is compatible with autoresponders that can accept HTML templates. I did a bit of research and you can use Clickvio email marketing templates with the following autoresponders:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • and more

Also, for a limited time only you get 2 months free access to Mailvio 25k plan (25,000 contacts, unlimited emails). The above autoresponders do provide their own email marketing templates but do not use the MJML technology used by Clickvio putting them at a disadvantage.  

With Clickvio you also get :

  • 100 DFY emails which have made Neil and his team over $100k in sales
  • 10 DFY email marketing templates
  • Built-in retargeting and preview text option so you can advertise to email openers on Facebook, Google, and YouTube
  • Host of widgets for more traffic

Check out the demo for a closer look at the software (in the video above).

Clickvio Review
Clickvio Review


Email Marketing Template

Email Marketing Template
Email Marketing Template

100%  money back guarantee.


  • Lead Capture – you are effectively leaving money on the table when you have a site and do not collect leads. Use this bonus to install a FREE WordPress plugin to start collecting leads.
  • Top Lead Magnets – Access some of the top leads we have used to collect 100s of emails and find out where you can go to find some of the best leads to use in your niche.
  • Email Revamp – find out some cool techniques to improve the user experience of your emails.
  • Email deliverability – find out 12 ways to improve the deliverability of your emails. Clickvio covers improving user experience and rendering of emails so that you create mobile first email templates. Find out some additional ways
  • Vendor bonuses including:
    • 2 months free of Mailvio 25k plan (25,000 contacts, unlimited emails) typically sold at $134
    • Training session to help generate 6-figure per month in sales using the power of emails 


Click Here To Purchase Clickvio and Claim Your Bonuses

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