Automation Empire Review

Automation Empire Review

Welcome to my Automation Empire review to find out how to set up 12 DFY ClickBank affiliate sites in seconds and get commissions on autopilot 

Automation Empire Review
Automation Empire Review


Clickbank is the biggest affiliate network paying a whopping $2bn to affiliates. Can you imagine just getting a slice of that!

Top affiliates selling Clickbank products do so mainly through their affiliate sites. This is both timely and costly. You would need to find a niche, then set up a website, figure out how to rank the site on Google and then select and promote the the Clickbank offers.

I did it the hard way which included making a substantial investment (approximately $220 spent so far ) to set up one affiliate site and a lot of time researching and trialing and testing (approximately 2 months and counting). That is just for one site.

Whilst I do not regret the time and effort I have put in to get set up, I am secretly annoyed that I did not hear about Automation Empire earlier especially if it can cut down on the time it takes to create UNIQUE content that goes on affiliate sites and enable me to scale into other niches.

For newbie affiliates, typically you could create an affiliate site that generates $100 per week. Now times that by 12 and you are looking at approximately $1.2k per week and at that point you can think about dropping that 9-5. That’s were Automation Empire is helpful as the real success comes from scaling.

Automation Empire launches on 22 October 2020.

Automation Empire Review
Automation Empire Review


With Automation Empire’s new web app you can easily create and hosts 12 Clickbank affiliate site (complete with Google traffic). It also comes with video training. Automation Empire cuts out the work it takes to set up and promote Clickbank offers because each day:

  • Original content is auto transcribed from pre-selected YouTube videos in your niche which gets posted on to your site for you.
  • Videos, copies and bonuses for niche specific Clickbank offers are made available.
  • Your affiliate sites get real search traffic on Google.

You can also integrate your autoresponder with Automatic Empire so you can also build your email list.

Whilst Automation Empire does create everything you need on autopilot, you still will have some work to do. I suggest you vet the content and funnels created and add your own unique touch. Spreadsheets does wonders when keeping organised.

With Automation Empire you need to take 3 simple steps:

  • Chose the niche for your site
  • enter your Clickbank ID
  • Click a button and you are done

Check out the demo video for more information. In terms of finding out which niche to go into do not worry as I have you covered with one of my bonuses.

What I find really exciting about Automation Empire is that you can actually chose which YouTube video in your niche you want to get your content from. Automation Empire transcribes Youtube videos then use it powerful spinning engine tech to create original content for you to use. Brilliant! If you write content yourself, you know how much time this one feature will save you.

Automation Empire is created by Dan Green – Google him, he is a massive marketer. The software is also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and customer testimonials.

Automation Empire is $17 (one time fee).

Automation Empire Review
Automation Empire Review


  • Facebook Ads Domination – Google is a great source of traffic, but there is no such thing as too much traffic. More traffic leads to greater possible commissions. Limited Time Bonuses 
  • Facebook Live Marketing – this method is slept on. Get clued up on this cool marketing technique
  • Niche Finder – marketers get all excited about setting up online and then spend forever trying to find a niche. Use this to help you quickly select a profitable niche.
  • YouTube video mastery – there is an art to creating YouTube videos; find out here/
  • Vendor bonuses – Limited Time Bonuses. 

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