AcademyZPresso Review

AcademyZPresso Review

Welcome to my AcademyZPresso review to find out how you could make a passive income from owning a video course platform like Udemy in a $200bn industry. 

AcademyZPresso Review
AcademyZPresso Review

In this AcademyZPresso Review I will cover:

  • What is needed to set up a video course platform
  • The key features of AcademyZPresso (including a sneak peak at the software)
  • Pricing and upsells
  • Useful bonuses

You can watch the video or written AcademyZPresso Review.


An online course is inexpensive to create, easy to distribute and a great way to generate revenue. Platforms like Udemy are able to capitalise on this by hosting video courses in exchange for a percentage of the course fees.

The e-learning market is estimated to be valued at approx. $275bn by 2022. With AcademyZPresso you can easily and inexpensively set up a video course platform similar to Udemy and make a recurring passive income without having to create content.

There are 4 keys things which you need to successfully set up a video course platform.

AcademyZPresso Review
AcademyZPresso Review

What is needed for a video course platform

I did some research to really figure out that is needed to create a video course platform similar to Udemy. I have narrowed it down to 4 things:

  1. Hosting – you need a platform where course providers can upload and sell their courses and students can sign up and watch the courses.
  2. Email Marketing – an ability to collect emails of those who sign up for a course and send emails to students enrolled on courses.
  3. Courses to upload to your platform – to start off, a good way to get courses on your platform would be to pay freelancers to create courses for you.
  4. Traffic source – no point having a platform with great courses if no one knows about it.


AcademyZpresso Review
AcademyZpresso Review

Key features of AcademyZPresso

AcademyZPresso is a cloudbased platform similar to Udemy. With your purchase of AcademyZPresso you get an agency/ commercial licence (which will make you a franchise owner of the platform). Let’s see how AcademyZPresso stacks up.

AcademyZPresso Review
AcademyZPresso Review
  1. Hosting – AcademyZPresso has a great interface and offers more features than a number of other similar platforms including Teachable.
  2. Email marketing – When a student signs up for a course via AcademyZPresso you get the email list. You can also send emails directly from the platform and setup SMTP. SMTP just improves the deliverability of the emails being sent via the platform.
  3. Courses to upload to your platform – AcademyZPresso comes with a bonus guide on how to get hundreds of trainers to put their training on your platform. Also, if you purchase upgrade 4 you will get 20 DFY courses every month.
  4. Traffic source – AcademyZPresso comes with training on how to get Facebook and Google Ad coupons and with the built-in blogging system you can create blogs to get more socials and Google traffic. Also you will get free traffic from teachers (promoting their courses) and students. Students will send traffic as the student gets a discount when they refer a course. Check out my bonuses for more ways to get traffic to your platform.
  5. Pricing – AcademyZPresso offers a more flexible pricing model than Udemy. It has an affiliate model feel to it as you will be able to offer a higher commissions to course providers who make more referrals and offer discounts to students for making referrals.

If you want to have a closer look at the platform then watch the above video review.

On a balance, I think it is a great alternative to those thinking of using Teachable, Kajabi and Thickifit especially given its price. Also, given the size of the market, there is room for people to set up using AcademyZPresso and still be profitable. Check out what people are saying about AcademyZPresso.

AcademyZPresso Review
AcademyZPresso Review

Pricing and upsells

AcademyZPresso Review
AcademyZPresso Review

OTO1 – training on how to build a business with AcademyZPresso

OTO2 – unlimited version of AcademyZPresso

OTO3 – for people who want to take their income to the next level

OTO4 – get 20 DFY courses every month

OTO5 – reseller licence and 100% commission on the front end

OTO 6 – monthly access to products and funnel with 100% commission

OTO7 – can do anything you like with AcademyZPresso



My bonuses include a traffic overload. Let’s make sure your platform is getting traffic from every source.

  • Facebook Ad Mastery
  • Facebook Live Marketing
  • Bing Ads
  • Niche Finder – if you look on Udemy some of the top courses are in a particular niche so you want to be in the best position to find out how to research these.
  • Vendor bonuses


Click Here to Purchase AcademyZPresso and Bonuses 

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