5 Ways To Make An Income Online

Here are my favourite 5 ways to make an income online.

These 5 ways to make an income online have the following qualities:

  • Newbie friendly
  • easy and cheap to set up
  • Come with details of how to set up
  • enable you to make an income online

1. Earn an Income on Amazon With Unfair Advantage

I do not have to tell you, but tonnes of people shop on Amazon.

Covid, helped Amazon’s growth rate explode. 

With Unfair Advantage, you can make money online creating YouTube review videos of Amazon products in a hot niche.

You have probably seen these. 

Do not worry, you do not need to show your face on camera or even talk. There is a software that will do this for you.

The software creates the video for you which you then upload to YouTube.

When a person visits your video they will click on your link which will take them to Amazon.

Now, it does not matter if they don’t buy. Once they click on your link they are cookied.

Typically, the person should be cookied for 24 hours. However, with Unfair Advantage you can cookie the person for 3 months. 

So if at any point the person who clicks on the link in the next 3 months and buys anything on Amazon then you get a commission.

It so easy to do that the creator of Unfair Advantage got his 12 year old daughter to do it and she was making $50 a day within 3 days.

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Unfair Advantage Review
Unfair Advantage Review


2. Make money on Fiver.com Copywriting with Email CopyDyno

Just looking at Fiver.com a copywriter is charging anywhere up to $500 per gig.

Email marketing is key to making money online. So, a good copywriter is a must.

Email CopyDyno is an email marketing software which creates persuasive email sequences in minutes that converts leads into sales. You can even set the tone of the emails.

So you can create the emails for customers using the software. To get customers, you simply advertise your services on Fiver.com.

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Email CopyDyno Review
Email CopyDyno Review

3. Generate an Income with affiliate marketing with My Online Startup

A comprehensive video training course created by a 6-figure online marketer.The training is free. By the time you complete the training you should have a roadmap about how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

If you sign up for the affiliate programme, then you can earn a referral commission and 50+ income streams, as people who you refer sign up for the free course, apply what they learned and use the recommended tools and services.

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You can access the free course here.


My Online Startup Review
My Online Startup Review


4. Set up a digital agency with Digital Goldmines 

Setting up your monthly digital newsletter/magazine subscription that users pay happily for each and every month all on autopilot. You can tap into a $1.2 billion dollar industry and make $323.08 daily.

Digital Goldmines covers everything, from niche selection, creation (in house or outsourced), hosting, delivery, payment, traffic in simple easy to follow yet detailed videos.

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Digital Goldmines Review
Digital Goldmines Review

5. Create stock images and start earning using Juno -X

You can build a motion empire.

If you are interested in videography or want to build an online video portfolio from simple iPhone videos, Drone videos, Travel video or even iPhone Filmmaking then you can make an income online by creating stock footage which actually sells.

Juno-X provides over the shoulder training to show you how.

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Juno-X Review
Juno-X Review

Bonus: Legendary Marketers 

With Legendary Marketer you can undergo a 15 day challenge where you are taught how to set up an online business. During this time you meet up a few times with one of their business advisers.

They have a pretty solid affiliate programme. You really just need to drive traffic to your funnel and they do the rest of the work for you.

Check out Legendary Marketers here.

There are so many ways than just the 5 ways to make an income online that I mentioned. I have just included my favourite 5.

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