5 Must Have IFTTT Applets For Online Marketers

 5 Must Have IFTTT Applets For Online Marketers


Wouldn’t it be great if all your clients were in one place?

Instead, they are scattered across various social media platforms. So, you have the fun task of manually uploading content to various social media and Web.2.0 platforms in order to reach them all.

If you’re anything like me, then you are going to want to know a shortcut.

And there is one…

If you scroll to the bottom of this article, I even show you a neat shortcut to easily set things up!


5 Must Have IFTTT Applets For Online Marketers

Automate your social media marketing with IFTTT

IFTTT allows you to automatically distribute content across various social media and Web 2.0 platforms.

It does this by combining two services using a trigger and action. So when something changes in one service, it will trigger an action in another.

So instead of doing the monotonous task of uploading content, you simply need to focus on creating it!

Click here to check out this beginner’s guide to using IFTTT.

There are tonnes of IFTTT applets to chose from. Scroll down for my top 5 must have applets.


SEO Optimisation with IFTTT

Now, by now you know it is a great idea to distribute your content widely to ensure that you reach your clients wherever they are.

But, did you know that distributing content across various platforms is also a great way of creating backlinks to blog articles and ranking your YouTube video!


Top 5 IFTTT Applets for Online Marketers

On to my top 5 applets. To really understand my choices, let’s first look at one of my marketing strategies.

I take a blog focused approach. This means I create content on my WordPress blog which I then distribute across various social media and Web 2.0 platform.

If we dissect a post you’ll notice that the top right hand picture is the picture I use on my Instagram and to pin my post on Pinterest. There is almost always a YouTube video embedded in each blog post. This helps drive traffic to my YouTube via my blog.

Whilst I do share my WordPress blog posts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, I get better engagement on other blog platforms when I share a video! So, I share my YouTube video on other blog platforms like Tumblr and Blogger.

Here are my top 5 applets:

  1. Tweet your WordPress Post. Over 27.5k people are already using this applet.
  2. Publish your WordPress blog posts to your Facebook page. 34.5k people are already using this applet.
  3. Facebook Page to Instagram. 8.6k people are already using this applet.
  4. Create a YouTube to Tumblr applet. 15.3k people are already using this applet.
  5. Share YouTube to Blogger. 9.9k people are already using this applet.

Ideally I would love to pin my WordPress post to a Pinterest board. But, IFTTT is currently making changes to align IFTTTT with Pinterest.

IFTTT Automation Shortcut

You can easily go to places like Fiver.com and find a freelancer to set up powerful automated IFTTT social media syndication network on the cheap.


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